Place Your Ad

Right now, ads are free. To post one, first decide what ad category you want it to appear in. (The various categories were shown on the home page you just came from; they are also listed on the side button bar.)

After deciding the appropriate ad category, click on the button below. An email window will appear, and you should type in the ad category in the SUBJECT box.

Last of all, type in the text of your ad and hit the SEND button. We'll do the rest.


Keep your ad brief and to the point. Don't forget to include your email address in the ad and/or your phone number. If you're in a city other than Fresno or Clovis, list it.


Notice--SORRY, BUT WE DON'T ACCEPT HOME TYPING ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We get at least 10 a day, and if we posted them, all the business category would have would be an endless list of dozens of home typing ads. Please don't send home typing ads--we won't post them!