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If Hercules is your favorite Bible character...or if you think Abraham, Isaac & Jacob was a hit song in the 1960s...or if you think Jesus was the son of Joseph Christ--this is the place for you. Hi! Perhaps you’ve come here because you are a new Christian believer. Perhaps you’ve come here because you aren’t a Christian but you have some questions. Or, maybe you don’t even know why you’ve come to this site. What matters is that you’re welcome here, whatever the case.

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 Hey--the first offering from the new site, A New Christian's Handbook is up! Stop by to see a timeline of church history, learn what you never knew about the Pharisees and Spiritual Gifts, plus more!

A word about me

I’m more fortunate than most Christians because in the late 1960s and early 1970s I was heavily involved in Spiritualism, Demonology, and the Occult. Through those practices I experienced firsthand the supernatural power of the demonic, and I came to “know”, in a way most people never do, the reality of the Devil. From there, it was simple to understand that there had to be a flip side of the coin--that the power of God must be real as well. In the decades since, I’ve soared pretty high and sunk pretty low during my walk with Christ. But He has kept me going through it all. And so, as you look over what follows, you read the words of someone who isn’t just writing what he thinks...who isn’t just offering an opinion based on what he’s read in the Bible or what his church teaches--these are the writings of one who has experienced firsthand the reality of God and Satan and either paid the price or reaped the blessing. Not everyone will agree with every point I make, and that's fine. When you come down to it, all that matters is where you spend Eternity, and how you get there. Beyond that I do offer views on all sorts of topics. Most of them, whether I'm right or wrong, have nothing to do with your salvation. My concern is that you make certain you understand what the basis of your salvation is, and if you do disagree with my views on that--then know why you do, and think through the full repercussions of whatever belief system you're relying on.


The purpose of this site

This site is here to help people come to embrace Jesus Christ as savior, and to help them gain a more complete knowledge of Him. While I’ve tried to write in such a way that even someone who has never had exposure to the Gospel can gain an understanding of salvation through this site, most of what 's presented is written with the intent of helping to guide established Christians into a closer relationship with God. I've been around long enough to understand that different people need different sorts of presentation in order to respond to the message of the Gospel, so this site can't work for everyone, and that's OK. You see, some need to hear the Gospel wrapped in a message of "Repent or go to Hell"; some people will respond when they hear of the love of God; while others need the Gospels presented to them in an ordered, analytical manner that reaches them through their intellect rather than their emotions. But I hope everyone can find something useful here. Because guests may not visit each separate page, I may sometimes reiterate some important points in more than one place, so please bear with me.

I have listed some categories below that might be helpful. Click on the one that seems right for you today.

For non-Christians, or those who just aren’t sure

Why should I get Saved?

Am I too bad to get Saved?

How do I get Saved?

Can I be (Catholic/Mormon/Gay, etc) and be Saved?

                                    Misunderstanding the book of James

Why don’t all these denominations agree, and how do I know which is right?

I think I’ve committed the Unforgivable sin --what can I do?

Why are Christians I’ve met such jerks?!


For Christians, old or new

I’ve accepted Christ--now what ?

How much sin can I commit and still be Saved?

How do I live a Christian life?

Why Christians have no victory or  The path of true Christian living

How to overcome being mad at God

What about this "Tongues" stuff?

Is Jesus really coming back, and what is the "Rapture"?

Just who and what is the Devil?

"Can I lose my salvation?" & other questions Christians might ask (This section covers quite a bit, including the psychics like james Van Praagh, the Occult and New Age)

If you have any other questions, or if this site has helped you, feel free to email me.

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Menu from A New Christian's Handbook

A Timeline of Christianity

What you never knew about the Pharisees

On Baptism and bad teaching about the "Gifts of the Spirit"

Demonology--the forbidden subject

What you never knew about the New Testament’s view of the Law

What you never knew about doubt & unbelief

Should Jews be "targeted" for conversion? or Sharing one's faith with a Jewish person.

A new, three-part series on justification and the Law

The real Sabbath truth

I recommend, as additional food for thought, an online message by Messianic David Hocking on the Sabbath. While I would have some different opinions and conclusions than he presents, David cleaves to the essentials of the historic Christian faith, and is one of only a few Messianic Jews whose teachings I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Abraham--our paradigm for justification--who never kept the Sabbath or Law

.Where no Law is, there is no transgression.




The Resurrection Life Study BibleTM


I thank God for Bible colleges, but the sad truth is, many of them do nothing more than turn out cookie cutter clones of the generation that came before the present one, regurgitating the same doctrinal ideas that arose to explain why the power of God left their denominations generations earlier in the first place. The so-called "scholars" that come out of these higher institutes of learning half the time don't even believe the Bible really means what it says, or that it can be trusted to infallibly convey universal truth to all generations! Worst of all, are these men with a bunch of letters after their names, who master examining the Scriptures with a microscope, so that they never see the true picture of what the entire panoply of Scripture reveals, even though they can see the individual molecules of the pigments. They know the legion of textual variants from the various papyri, but they make little or no positive impact on any Believer's life, while demeaning the less educated Believers who are out in the highways and byways proclaiming the Gospel and doing the real work.

With this in mind, those who wish for a more in-depth understanding of the Bible will find below a series of New Testament commentaries. If you'll study them, you'll receive a better education in the New Testament than you can get at most any Bible college--and all for free! Now so far as things like learning how to compose engrossing, three-point sermons and the like, I can't help you there. Nor will you ever earn yourself man's title of "Doctor" by studying what's offered. But here, what you can do is glean explanations of what the New Testament actually teaches, in an easy-to-understand format that goes beyond denominational doctrinal straight jackets as it attempts to present as comprehensive an exposition of the New Testament as it can. As of 2005, I will be adding paraphrases to the New Testament books to assist even more in making the traditional King James version of the Scriptures a bit easier to comprehend to a modern audience. The Paraphrase will also expand some verses to help convey their full meanings more clearly, which will be especially notable when we reach the epistles of Paul. (When it does this, the expanded text will be bracketed as this text is.) If you know a person who needs a simpler version of the Bible to read than some that are out there, it may be helpful to print out the pages for him, or to refer him to this site. The King James, of course, is side-by-side with the paraphrase, allowing the reader to compare the paraphrase against the actual Scripture as food for thought. The reader may then agree or disagree with the way the paraphrase renders the verse as seems best to him.


The theologian may also benefit from looking over the paraphrase since it explains some of the more difficult verses of Scripture.


Keep in mind, a paraphrase always reflects the writer's own views, so it will always have error here and there due to the writer's fallible understanding of the Bible. Thus, a paraphrase is never to be considered an inerrant exposition of the Scriptures on par with a true Bible like the KJV, NASB, etc. Paraphrases are only study tools, and you should never look at them as true Scripture nor quote them as such.


7/1/07 Special note: This work is finally done, and a new paperback edition for the mass market is currently under production at Xulon books. The actual copies will not be available for a few weeks yet, but the price of the books through the web site here will be $25, which will include shipping. For buyers outside the US, the total cost will be $30.

Note that the Bible does not include the Epistle to the Laodiceans. It will also have updated articles on the Pharisees, the way the Law worked in the 1st century with regard to Gentiles, a section on Demons and what the Bible says they can do, and the Unforgivable Sin.

The price will be $25 per copy, which includes shipping.

To order your copy, you may send check or MO to:

Vince Garcia

Box 4284

Fresno, Cal. 93744

You can also use Paypal to my email address:

Thanks for all your interest and support!

* If you live outside the US, the price will be $30 which will include shipping by Air

Special offer


Some copies of the original hard cover test printing from 2006 are still available. If you would like one as a collector's item, you can order them for $25 each (includes shipping) while the supply lasts.

Note: The files here always present the most up-to-date version of the work, while the files at present the files in the most recent printed edition. There is very little difference between the two but for some minor revisions here and there.

The Gospel of Matthew--with commentary and paraphrase

The Gospel of Mark--with commentary and paraphrase

The Gospel of Luke--with commentary and paraphrase

The Gospel of John--with commentary and paraphrase

The Book of Acts--with commentary and paraphrase

The Epistles--in correct chronological order

The Epistle to the Galatians--with commentary and paraphrase (47-48 AD)

The Epistle of James--with commentary and paraphrase (47-48 AD)

The Epistles of 1st & 2nd Thessalonians--with commentary and paraphrase (51-52 AD)

The Epistle of 1st Corinthians--with commentary & paraphrase (52-54 AD)

The Epistle of 2nd Corinthians--with commentary & paraphrase(52-54 AD)

The Epistle to the Romans--with commentary & paraphrase (52-57 AD)

The Epistle to the Colossians--with commentary & paraphrase (61-63 AD)

The Epistle to Philemon--with commentary& paraphrase (63 AD)

Bonus: the lost Eptistle to the Laodiceans (61-62 AD)

The Epistle to the Ephesians--with commentary & paraphrase (61-63 AD)

The Epistle to the Philippians--with commentary & paraphrase (61-63 AD)

The Epistle of 1st Timothy--with commentary & paraphrase (65 AD)

The Epistle of 1st Peter--with commentary & paraphrase (65-66 AD)

The Epistle to Titus--with commentary & paraphrase (66 AD)

The Epistle of Jude--with commentary & paraphrase (65-75 AD)

The Epistle of 2nd Peter--with commentary & paraphrase (65-67 AD)

The Book of Hebrews-with commentary & paraphrase (65-67 AD)

The Epistle of 2nd Timothy--with commentary & paraphrase (67 AD)

The Epistles of John-with commentary & paraphrase (90-95 AD)

The  Book of Revelation with commentary& paraphrase  (96 AD)

What? You don't want to be bogged down with the King James version and a bunch of commentary notes getting in the way of easy reading? Well, then click here for...

The Resurrection Life New Testament ParaphraseTM

This features only the paraphrase, with the notes and King James text removed.


It's been years, but here is a new offering--THE KIDS' GOSPEL OF MARK. A Gospel paraphrase just for young people!

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